Visitors who participate actively through hands-on experience are more receptive to discovering and learning new ideas. Interactive displays also help people retain information and promotes creativity. Interactive museums can more effectively educate visitors in a fun and exciting way.

Play & Games

We believe that learning through Play & Games (active engagement and fun) allows visitors to better understand a new concept or idea, take on a different perspective, or experiment with different choices. We seek to turn visitors into participants.


At the heart of every HKD project is a research and passion lead design solution that works for you. With our experience and the aid of new and dynamic technology, we can provide visitors with an immersive experience, that effectively promotes visitor engagement and learning.

Group Interactives

We create social spaces. To build confidence and encourage visitors to share ideas and explore information we place group interactives at key points in the visitor journey. These are shared experiences which encourage social participation. They can be high tech or analogue and  they invite visitors to join in and have fun.

Object Theatres

Object theatres bring a story to life. They allow a narrative to unfold in a memorable and surprising way. Using models, animation, music, script and moving pieces an object theatre delivers a complex story which has several locations , characters or timeframes. It’s a good way to make sure the whole family has the information they will need to enjoy the adventure ahead

Hands-on Exhibits

I see and I forget. I hear and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius.

Exhibits invite the visitor to dig deeper into a given topic. They can be demonstrations, giving a live experience of a scientific principle, such as allowing you to experience aerodynamic wind flow. Or illustrations which allow the visitors to investigate an idea helping with the understanding of the topic or site. HKD has developed hundreds of exhibits for subjects as varied as Terrorism and Ballet, and they can be solo or shared activities.

Objects & Replicas

Objects are used as focal points when telling a story. They can fill in missing blanks in a collection or draw the visitors attention to a particular detail. Beautiful intricate details draw the visitor in while full scale replicas allow the visitor to place themselves into a new environment. Replica objects can add a valuable tactile experience to a display that is built around a collection in showcases.

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Tactile Activity

Learning and investigation is reinforced by tactile activities, these allow the visitor to investigate in their own time. They will be designed to cater for different ages and can be used to encourage visitors to explore the whole of the site or museum. Maintaining activity stations can require ongoing care, so careful consideration should be given to whether the activities are fixed or open ended or craft based.

Audio Visual

AR, VR, sound, light, video, haptic, immersive interactive environments and so much more. The world of digital creativity has transformed exhibition design, making it easier to take the visitor on incredible adventures. Escaping from the screen, our focus remains creating social experiences. AV is one of the tools we use and not an end in itself.

Selected Projects

Winchester Science Centre

We worked closely with the Winchester Science Centre team to create a science centre that embodies the idea that science is for all. We worked hard to overcome barriers to participation and engagement including cutting edge acoustic design. The goal was to help young people believe that STEM is for them.
God's House Tower

The permanent arts and heritage exhibition is part of the medieval building’s £3.1million refurbishment and tells the story of the medieval Town Quay gatehouse. As interpretation designers on the project, we worked with local history expert Dr Cheryl Butler to uncover the lives of felons, gunners, pilgrims and traders which the 700 year old building has housed. The immersive exhibition features the gruesome tale of Southampton’s last hanging, the French invasion of 1388 and a 360 degree VR tour of the tower.
Hong Kong Space Museum

HKD are delighted to have worked on the complete refurbishment of the galleries within this iconic building on the Hong Kong waterfront. Our design approach makes the complex ideas of space accessible through intelligent exhibit design and engaging storytelling, focusing on hands-on experience and experimentation.

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