All projects are led by the directors and core team members based in the Margate studio. Multidisciplinary teams work closely together combining experience and skills from their different technical and creative backgrounds to develop environments and exhibits that bring to life complex and sometimes challenging content.

We believe in working with the best, so our projects also draw on the specialist skills of co-creators and collaborators. We have strong working relationships with many talented individuals and production houses who we have worked with for many years.

Technology, cloud sharing and wifi are used to ensure joined up project management from start to finish no matter how widely distributed the client team, producers and suppliers might be.

We specialise in the seamless integration of digital and mechanical exhibits to create exhibitions which encourage visitors to investigate, participate, and have fun.

The studio combines the professional skills of architects, engineers, artists and designers with subject research to create memorable hands-on exhibitions. We have delivered over 120 national and international museum and science centre projects.

Subjects we have worked with reach from Ballet to Terrorism, Diaspora to Salt. We have worked in tunnels, castles, gaols, cemeteries and amusement parks as well as science centres and museums. We are always looking for new stories to tell, new creative challenges and inventive ways to reach new audiences.

We work at different scales. From developing a bespoke exhibit that creates a new focal point in a science centre, to a single gallery, a whole museum or the masterplan of a new cultural quarter.

Sometimes we begin a project when it is a vague idea or a distant vision, in which case we will work with you to bring clarity and focus resulting in it becoming a priced project brief that is tested with funders, stakeholders and project partners. At other times we join in-house project teams working with the curators, collection managers, community groups and educators to bring to life the exhibition they have developed.

Our work includes meeting with stakeholders and project partners including academic organisations, community groups, councils, government bodies, funders and investors. At other times we work as part of a bigger design team that could include architects, conservation architects, engineers, cost consultants and project managers.

Our Talented Team

Creative Director

With over 30 years of experience working in museums and science centres. Richard specialises in conceptual organisation and the development of interactive exhibits. He is particularly involved in the creation of destinations for shared learning and social interaction.


Kate has over 15 years experience of running a design studio and delivering complex multi-disciplinary projects from £20,000 – £2.5m. As director of HKD she manages teams of skilled architects, designers, managers, artists and researchers delivering projects which can be seen in the UK, Singapore, US, China and others.

Project Director

Zara joined HKD in 2007 and has worked on over 30 museum and science centre projects in Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. She is a trained illustrator and designer with a particular interest in materials and contemporary design. Zara brings both practical and creative skills to a project as well as experience of all stages of project development from concept planning to commissioning and installation.


Tania is a trained Architect with a specialist interest in museums. She is particularly concerned about how narratives and ideas are developed though space. She brings to the project her passion for creating engaging physical spaces that provide a platform for a range of audiences to interact, explore and inform. Tania moved from Italy to join HKD in 2015. Since joining HKD she has been able to assist on many projects at different stages of production.


Mia joined HKD in 2018 and has over twenty years experience working in the Museum and Arts sector. She brings both practical and creative skills to a project as well as the experience of all stages of project development from concept planning to commission and installation. Her work is driven by the desire to communicate subjects in engaging and fun ways, seeking to create memorable experiences for audiences.

Project Designer

Weiwei is a talented project and multimedia designer, he is experienced at managing the delivery of exhibits from creative concept planning to storyboard through to detail design and final production. He is adept at supervising development of multimedia content and ensuring the message is consistent. From concept planning to commissioning Weiwei storyboards and manages the multimedia games and activities in galleries.

Graphic Designer

Glenn is a skilled project designer who trained as a graphic designer, this combined with his analytical skills honed at Law School means he absorbs complex information and distils it into compelling and unique designs. As a communication designer with strong practical skills Glenn ensures the seamless integration between exhibits, environment and graphic elements in a project.

Studio Manager

Jenny has recently joined HKD as our studio manager. She has over twenty years experience of working with arts organisations as an administrator and project manager. With a background in television production Jenny is used to managing all aspects of production including budgets, client liaison, picture copyright clearance and research.



Rosa Garcia is a Spanish architect who joined HKD in 2013. She has delivered concept, detail and technical design packages, and has experience in all aspects of exhibition design and delivery. She is a confident communicator and negotiator used to working within the team as well as presenting ideas at meetings with clients and end users.


Alfonso has 10 years of experience as a professional artist and illustrator. He has worked with HKD since 2013 and has worked on many museum and science centre projects including Climate Change gallery Singapore, Peacehaven, UK, Shanghai Planetarium masterplan proposal.

Science Consultant

Dr Forster’s career in science communication spans 30 years, from a PhD in micro-biology to Chief Executive of a Health Authority.  He established BoostEd in 1996. BoostEd offers consultancy services to science centres, master planning, science interpretation, interactive software specification, programme evaluation and workshop development.


Simon is a specialist copywriter. He works with complex content to produce copy that is clear, convincing and easy to read. With background in print communication design Simon brings clarity to museum and science centre scripts ensuring information is delivered to the visitor in a way that makes it accessible, memorable and fun.

Graphic Designer

Paul Mumby is an experienced graphic designer, he has worked as an art director, designer and graphic artworker in Hong Kong, China and the UK. 2007 – 2012 while living and working in Beijing and Hong Kong, his clients included for Time Inc. Input/Output, Edipresse Media, Circuit 25 and Caixin Media, Beijing.


Timothy is an Italian architect who graduated with a distinction. He has worked in China for 16 months as an architect/interior designer. During this Chinese experience he designed offices, shopping malls, pavilions, a small plaza and took part in the contest for Exhibition Centre of Shenzhen. His many skills include illustration, design and digital art and he uses these to increase the breadth of his practice and in creating original work.

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