The Forgiveness Project

The Forgiveness Project

The Forgiveness Project is a widely-toured exhibition showcasing stories of forgiveness. HKD designed a powerful kit of 27 custom-made elements, which can be easily adapted to fit different venues. The stands form four distinct zones, bringing together stories around questions such as ‘Why Forgive?’ and ‘Where does justice fit in?’

The twelve moving stories it tells can be overwhelming, and hard to compare to everyday life. This challenge lead us to the development of a new interactive game for the exhibition which used Storycubes. Visitors reflect in themselves and mark down how forgivable they find certain actions. This allows visitors to explore and discuss their own paths to forgiveness and identify with the content on a deeper level.

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Forgiveness Project


Concept design to completion of travelling exhibition and interactive games exploring theme of forgiveness including graphic design and quality control of build.

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