Museum of Tolerance LA & New York

Museum of Tolerance

The Museum Of Tolerance is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and to fostering tolerance through its educational programme.

Richard Houghton has worked with The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles since its original conception in the mid 1980s. As well catering for the walk-in visitor and delivering a schools educational programme the museums have developed ‘Tools for Tolerance’ a learning programme delivered in the galleries which has catered for over 160,000 professionals including judges, lawyers, scientists, and many more. HKD continues to work with the Museum of Tolerance, adding new artefact displays and developing new interactives for the Galleries, and are currently assisting in master planning a new Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.

Project Info:




Services provided:

Museum Of Tolerance

1996- present

17,000 sqm

Master planning, interpretation planning, exhibition design, graphic design, script writing, AV storyboards, artist commissions, showcase design and object display, project management and quality control.

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