Science for all

Winchester Science Centre

This project is a key manifestation of our studio philosophy: Meet Make Play.

We’ve worked closely with the Winchester Science Centre team to create exhibits which encourage visitors to meet friends, experts and heroes. To invite them to make connections, discoveries, and contributions to cutting-edge research. And to play with ideas, materials and senses.

The displays at WSC embody the idea that science is for all, and we’ve worked hard to overcome barriers to participation. The aim is to help young people believe that STEM is for them. Pioneering research being conducted in the vicinity of the Science Centre is showcased in the exhibits. By demonstrating how it improves lives, we make it relatable and underline its relevance.

Furthermore, the exhibits collect data from visitors’ interactions. By informing research in this way, visitors will participate in future breakthroughs.

Project Info:




Services provided:

Winchester Science Centre


3,500 sqm

Complete design service from concept to completion, including graphic
design, acoustic treatment, developing specialist exhibits and interactives.

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