We design destinations for learning and fun

Planning Services

Concept development
Feasibility studies
Community consultation
Brief development
Creative consultancy
Project management
Partnership working

Design Services

Interior architecture
Circulation and wayfinding
Graphic design
Scenic design
Environmental design
Media storyboarding
Lighting design
Exhibition design
Exhibit design
Showcase layouts


Films and Animation
Artist commissions
Game design
Audio Visual commissions
Script and editorial services
Specialist research


We work with passion and creativity

We work with you to uncover stories bringing your heritage site or subject to life.
Topics we have explored range from Ballet to Terrorism, Diaspora and Salt. We work not only in museums, but in tunnels, castles, gaols, cemeteries, palaces and more.
No topic is too difficult to explain to your audience, and we create exciting and interactive exhibits to demonstrate them. Whether presenting seemingly abstract topics like innovation or smell, or explaining challenging subjects like climate change or food and health, we seek to turn your visitors into participants, embedding lasting knowledge and understanding.
Part museum, part Lab, GEEK exists as a platform for HKD to carry out research and development around play and games. These investigations are embedded into our working practice allowing us to test and realise content by inviting experts, teachers, makers, artist, scientists, industry role models and, most importantly, audiences to participate too.


Over 120 completed projects in five continents

Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, Belfast,
Northern Ireland
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, UK
Coleraine Regional Museum, Northern Ireland
Crafts Council, UK
Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust, UK
Equiano Society, UK
Freud Museum,UK
Geffrye Museum,UK
Forgiveness Project, UK
Roman Baths & World Heritage Centre, UK
Thinktank, Birmingham, UK

Historic Royal Palaces, UK
Holocaust Memorial Center, Detroit, USA
Home Team Academy, Singapore
Hong Kong Space Museum, SARHK
Manchester Jewish Museum, UK
Museum of Tolerance, USA
National Museums of Liverpool, UK
National Trust, UK
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Arbeia Roman Fort, UK
Powell Cotton Museum, UK
Welsh Assembly, UK

Putian Science & Technology Museum, China
Qingdao Science & Technology Museum, China
Quanzhou Science & Technology Museum, China
Royal Ballet Museum, UK
Russian Jewish Museum, Russia
Science Centre, Singapore
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China
The Salters Company, UK
Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore

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