Shanghai Planetarium Master Planning

HKD have been awarded second prize in an international design competition to design the brand new 15,000 sqm Shanghai Planetarium to be located in the Pudong area south of Shanghai.


HKD’s unique approach to exhibit design and visitor experience will put the physical into the physics of the Universe in this world class cultural venue.


Starting from the Sun, our masterplan takes the visitor on a journey through space, time and human innovation.


Building Plan


Each floor is a ring – echoing the idea of orbits and trajectories – with a void centre-space and staggered floor plates. This allows multiple floor heights – up to 22 metres in some areas – and gives visitors views into and across the building to other floors and activities.






Five themes


The themes take visitors from the familiar (the planets of our solar system) to the unfamiliar (the vastness of deep space), and explain the history of astronomy – and China’s important contributions – along the way.


Each theme will use a range of exhibit presentation methods to tell the stories that form the overall narrative, and highlight Chinese contributions to that theme.






2. The journey into space


3. The wonders of the Universe


1. What we see from Earth


4. Astronomy past and present


5. Space playground


The gardens and outdoor exhibits


The outdoor areas of the Planetarium will be an important part of the visitor offer and a range of outdoor exhibits and experiences will extend the Planetarium story to the outdoor spaces – by day and by night..


During the day it will be an attractive and exciting place to be. By night the gardens will be the place to come to observe the stars in groups or individually, with camping facilities for overnight stays.


The gardens and outdoor display areas are divided into four zones:


1. The Main plaza

2. The Entertainment zone

3. The Stargazing garden

4. Observatory plaza



Visitor experience


A memorable, involving physical experience. From small-scale interactive exhibits, to large-scale fairground-type rides where visitors feel the physical effects of scientific ideas.


Successful museum plans give visitors an experience that combines intellectual engagement with a memorable physical experience – what visitors see, hear, and feel as they move through the museum.





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