Climate Machine, Singapore Science Centre

HKD Concept: Big Exhibit for Complex Science


The centrepiece of the exhibition is the Climate Machine: a pneumatic multi-player exhibit that animates the carbon cycle. Visitors interact with the machine by completing challenges about their daily habits, such as Transport and Recycling.


By winning the games visitors ‘divert’ carbon from going into the atmosphere, therefore reducing emissions.



Concept sketch



Design development



1. Carbon Conveyor belt system carries balls up into Earth’s ‘atmosphere’ in a continuous cycle


2. Carbon Corkscrew turns at the centre, slowly releasing balls at a constant rate

3. Carbon Targets suck up balls from the centre and  visitors aim them at the central vanes (targets) to speed up the Carbon Corkscrew

4. Carbon Reduction Games. Visitors interact with games based on carbon-emitting actions such as transport. Winning the game means knocking carbon balls off the Carbon Conveyor

Detail drawing



Construction drawing


Specialist exhibit fabricator

Science Projects on board from the

development phase


- Prototyping

- Engineering




AV design


Integration of AV software illustrations,

game-play and mechanical operation



Production & Installation



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