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HKD has experience of working on projects which range from the masterplanning of whole sites to the design of individual exhibits. The team at HKD love Art and Science and are passionate about what we do. Having language and communication skills and enjoying playing games are also encouraged and we have a great mix of international designers as a result.


In 2010 HKD relocated the design studio from London to Margate, where the seafront studio with inspirational views, large meeting rooms and gallery/project spaces allows us to prototype ideas and host workshops.


A lead designer and team are assigned to each project and the studio will usually be working on three or more projects in different stages of development at any one time,

with a mix of Science, Social History and Art – regular project reviews involve everyone in the studio, giving the opportunity for further discussion and enrichment of the projects.


The lively and evolving space allows us to run our own projects, including GEEK and AIC, alongside the HKD Ltd projects, which means that reading, drawing and play testing have an important role within the studio. 1st Fridays are a regular event, with guest hosts

invited to share their ideas or current work, or for the team to head out on a research trip inviting people to come along with us.





Founded in 2000 by Richard Houghton and Kate Kneale, they lead a team of creative individuals who share a passion for Art and Science. Richard began work as a designer of Museums and Exhibitions in 1983 when he learnt his craft assisting James Gardner. James Gardner's work marks the beginning of interpretive design in the UK and The James Gardner Archive is now held at University of Brighton.


Kate trained as a Theatre Designer before working in television and theatre followed by teaching Media Art at London University. She has led the development of Marine Studios and is particularly interested in the extension of cultural participation.


During the first 10 years of HKD it was based in London before expansion and moving to Margate in 2010. This new location was selected as the town has identified Arts and Culture as driving its regeneration and HKD wanted to be part of this exciting project. The result has been a studio in an old casino on the seafront with stunning sea views, a project space and studios designed to meet new people, test ideas and support new creative projects.

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